Reactor Irradiations and Isotope Production

Reactor Irradiation Ports

The PULSTAR has a selection of ex-core irradiation ports and beamports – see Figure #1 below. Approximate flux values for these facilities are given here.

Fig.#1 – PULSTAR Irradiation Ports

Large diameter ‘Standpipes’ may be located in the reactor pool directly adjacent to the reactor core – see Figure #2 below. These facilities may be utilized for irradiating experimental packages and for isotope production.

Fig.#2 – Standpipe in reactor pool @ north-east corner of core.

Examples of experimental packages include:

  • Nuclear instruments and detectors (e.g. for calibration measurements or radiation damage studies).
  • Semiconductor devices and materials (e.g. for radiation damage studies or transmutation doping).
  • Fiber optic sensors.
  • Nuclear materials (e.g. fueled experiments, vessel steel)
  • Fission Track etch samples (e.g. geologic/ore samples)

Examples of isotopes that may be produced include:

  • Antimony-122/124
  • Argon-41
  • Bromine-82
  • Cobalt-60
  • Iron-59
  • Sodium-24
  • …and many others depending on user’s requirements.

For additional information about the PULSTAR reactor’s irradiation and isotope production capabilities, please contact the Manager of Nuclear Services.