PULSTAR Reactor – A Research Reactor for the 21st Century

The tree-lined, red brick campus of North Carolina State University houses an unlikely facility: a PULSTAR reactor, the only reactor of its type still in operation. This unique reactor operates at a steady state power of 1MW. The reactor provides the opportunity for researchers from around the world to conduct a wide variety of experiments, thanks to its intense source of neutrons. Over the past decade, the Nuclear Reactor Program (NRP) at NC State has received substantial infrastructure investments from the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP), as well as from other agencies, allowing for a significantly increased research capability. DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy created NEUP in 2009 to consolidate its university support under one program. NEUP funds nuclear energy research and equipment upgrades at U.S. colleges and universities and provides students with educational support.