Operations Training

The Nuclear Reactor Program offers the opportunity to train at the PULSTAR Reactor facility to become an NRC (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission) licensed nuclear reactor operator. This opportunity is available to any student enrolled at N.C. State University.

Interested students must take the NE235 Nuclear Reactor Operations Training course which is offered every fall semester (see the course description in the Course Catalog). There are no prerequisites for this course, and it is open to any student enrolled at NC State. There is a maximum enrollment of 25 students per semester.

In order to continue training in preparation for the NRC exam the following spring semester, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Receive an A- grade (90%) or better in NE235.
  • Have greater than or equal to a 3.0 GPA in major and overall.
  • Be a Freshman or Sophomore. Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students will not be licensed.
  • Commit to attending 4-5 hours of training per week in the spring semester, including weekly afternoon training sessions.
  • Be able to pass a medical physical examination per NRC requirements.
  • Be able to serve as a licensed operator (paid part time) for a period of at least one year prior to graduation.
  • Be mature and reliable.

NRC Licensing Examination:

The NRC reactor operator examination is typically scheduled the week following graduation in mid-May. The examination consists of a three section written exam, followed by an oral practical examination administered by an NRC Examiner. Candidates that pass the exam will receive an official ‘Nuclear Reactor Operator’ license issued by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Contact the NE235 Instructor if you have any questions.