Invited by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to be the US facility providing nuclear reactor education to international partners.

White House release regarding nuclear cooperation with Vietnam.

The United States and Vietnam intend to deepen our clean energy cooperation in the civil nuclear field in recognition that the safe and secure use of nuclear power is an important low-carbon energy source for reducing emissions from the global power sector as we address climate change and for providing energy security to a greater number of people. At the center of this relationship is our shared commitment to the highest levels of nuclear safety, security, and nonproliferation, as well as the sustainment of strong, independent and effective regulatory bodies. Earlier this month, the United States and Vietnam signed the Administrative Arrangement under our historic agreement on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy (123 Agreement), which initially opened the door to nuclear trade between our two countries in 2014. To further build on this robust cooperation in the civil nuclear field, the United States and Vietnam aim to: